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Wireless Keypad For Ness
Wireless Keypad For Ness D8x/D16x/D16x Alarm System The Ness Wireless Radio Keypad is a battery operated code Pad that provides remote control arming . The NESS Radio Key Pad is perfect for home and office and has 15 user codes capacity and 14 individual IDs transmitted to compatible Ness panels. The additional Auxiliary buttons can be used to control auxiliary outputs at the control panel for home automation control
1 x R16 Panel Complete. 2 x Ness Lux Radio Motion Sensors with Lithium batteries Included. 3 x Lux PIR Mounting Brackets 2 x NESS RK4 Radio Key (Remotes) - 4 Button 1 x Siren Cover & Kit Bag 1 x Horn Speaker 1 x Top Hat Internal Screamer 1 x Blue Strobe Light 1 x User Manual 1 x Installation Manual The Ness R16 is a unique fully self-contained radio control panel.The R16 has a built-in keypad for programming and user operation, a built-in piezo siren, built-in LCD display, built-in radio receiver, built-in battery backup and built-in dialler.
Ness Wireless Reicever
Wireless Aux Receiver For Ness Alarm Systems
Ness LUX Radio PIR is a unique wireless motion detector with a white LED night-light designed for all Ness control panels in the last 20 years
HPM wireless doorbell
HPM White Battery Operated Door Bell